Caudal Crucial Ligament
We’ve had recently lovely Boxer Lady Ella for a visit and diagnosed that her caudal cruciate ligament was ruptured. Ella is a beautiful Boxer pup with extremely good manners.But before you will learn about her incredible recovery we would like to give you a short introduction into the world of cruciate ligaments. Continue Reading »


Laser Therapy and Pets
Many professional sports teams using laser therapy on their athletes and the beneficial effects of laser light on tissue were first recognized almost forty years ago. Since then, there have been thousands of studies documenting the positive effects laser light has on different types of cells, tissue, and disorders. Continue Reading »


The Benefits of a thorough Cytology for your pet.
What is cytology? Cytology is simply the study of cells and is an extremely useful diagnostic tool that is used in many vet clinics, on different levels. If there is a lump on the surface or just under your pet’s skin, you should get it aspirated (FNA = Fine Needle Aspiration). Continue Reading »


Epsom Vet Centre and Ellerslie Vet Clinic become one!
Quiet but we have been very busy! It has been an exciting few months at Ellerslie Vet Clinic. Continue Reading »


Ultrasound in a Vet Clinic
Ultrasound varies in its complexity from basic ultrasound (pregnancy, basic abdominal) up to advanced echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart). Continue Reading »

Physiotherapy for Cats & Dogs
This is little Rags during his first physiotherapy session at Ellerslie Vet Clinic. We don’t know how old Rags exactly is, but he surely is a lovely senior kitty with quite a sore back! Continue Reading »

Ear Infections in Cats & Dogs
Dogs hear high tones in particular much better than humans do and cats have incredible hearing skills. In fact, Cats can hear sounds that even dogs fail to hear. Continue Reading »

Kitten Kindy®
We are offering Kitten Kindy®, an opportunity for young cats to learn to be sociable and where their owners can learn how to raise a well adjusted kitty! Continue Reading »

Puppy Preschool
Puppies need to learn some important skills, including comfort with handling, appropriate play and good manners. Continue Reading »


Problem Behaviours
We are very pleased to now be able to offer professional advice and treatment through Veterinary Behaviourist Dr Jess Beer…..Continue Reading »


Marlee a Ridgeback Puppy
Ellerslie Vet Clinic would like to introduce you to Marlee, one of the latest additions to the Ellerslie Vets family. …Continue Reading »


Dog & bladder stones
This is little Elsa, a beautiful Lhasa Apso – she came into the Ellerslie Vet Clinic for a dental and her owner mentioned that she was going to the toilet more frequently lately….. Continue Reading »


Rabbit & spay surgery
It happens almost overnight – your cute, well-mannered little rabbit reaches puberty. Suddenly, your baby has become a sort of unmanageable. ..Continue Reading »

Kitten week
We are offering Kitten Kindy®, an opportunity for young cats to learn to be sociable and where their owners can learn how to raise a well adjusted kitty! ……Continue Reading »

Hoglet visits us
This little fellow was brought into our Vet Clinic last week – only a few days old, he was found crawling along the road!…. Continue Reading »


Marlee & dog spay surgery
Do you remember Marlee – the Rhodesian Ridgeback who visited our vet clinic a few months ago for her first vaccination? Continue Reading »


Dog & Tonsil Crypts
We had a visit from Lola – an adorable young German Shepherd Lady who we initially saw for tummy problems. Continue Reading »


Mac the West Highland Terrier
Mac was here for an ultrasound of his abdomen and Dr Kathrin noticed specific changes to the morphology of Mac’s liver together… Continue Reading »

Stenotic Nares
Stenotic nares are a congenital disorder most likely to affect cats & dogs with normally short or flattened muzzles…. Continue Reading »


Cat Friendly Clinic
Cat Friendly Clinic Accreditation for Ellerslie Vet Clinic…Continue Reading »


Your pet has a heart murmur?
At your pet’s last physical examination, your vet told you they’ve heard a murmur on your pooch or kitty….Continue Reading »


Another kitten was found – Could her skin lesions be ringworm?
What a kitten season in our clinic. Meanwhile 9 kittens have been brought to our clinic…Continue Reading »