Dentistry & Physiotherapy


Periodontal disease in cats and dogs develops in stages. When diagnosed and treated in the earliest stages, permanent damage to your pet’s teeth and gums can be minimised or avoided. In later stages, periodontal disease may lead to bone and tissue loss, as well as infection.

The dental services at Ellerslie Vet Clinic include Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment & Treatment (COHAT), commonly known as a “dental” or “dental cleaning”. COHAT is performed under anaesthesia for your pets’ comfort and safety. We use the same strict safety and pain-management protocols for COHAT that we insist to use for all surgical procedures.

COHAT at Ellerslie Vets involves:

  • a complete pre-anaesthetic exam
  • presurgical blood test (if recent lab results are not available)
  • a pre-anaesthetic sedation and once this is taking effect, an intravenous catheter will be placed for iv fluid therapy to maintain a normal blood pressure and to keep your pet well hydrated
  • thereafter the patient is anaesthetised and a tube is placed in the airway and a gas anaesthesia is given via the breathing tube; your pet is continuously monitored during the whole anaesthesia
  • a complete oral exam is performed and every tooth is evaluated thoroughly
  • in cats, we routinely obtain full mouth radiographs and in dogs, dental radiographs are performed if there are any concerns during the oral exam
  • a professional cleaning will be performed including scaling and polishing to help prevent new plaque and tartar from forming (this includes removing plaque and tartar from under the gum line)
  • after reviewing the dental x-rays and results from the oral exam, work may need to be performed, such as extractions
  • medications will be used tailored to your pet’s needs before, during and after the procedure
  • we will contact you when the procedure is finished to discuss when your pet can be discharged from the hospital


What Can Physiotherapy Do For My Pet?

Animal physiotherapy (physical therapy) is a complementary therapy which is a rapidly growing veterinary sector, as both vets and owners realise the benefits of physiotherapy for musculoskeletal, neurological and age related changes in pets.

In optimum conditions, the body will heal an injury in a particular time span. For various reasons, these conditions are not always readily available. In these circumstances, the injury will take longer to heal than nature intended or the injury may not heal at all. The aim of physiotherapy is to optimise these conditions so that the body can heal the injury in its natural time span.

Pet physiotherapy effectively provides pain relief immediately after surgery and during the rehabilitation process. Post-surgical rehabilitation can help in numerous ways, e.g. by rebuilding strength, mobility, or re-educating correct gait patterns.

Pre-surgical treatments can also help, e.g. to lengthen and strengthen soft tissues which become contracted with underuse of a limb.

Neurological patients benefit from physiotherapy techniques to support their muscles and joints whilst the patient is unable to actively move these. The application of sensory stimuli can be used to reawaken neurological pathways and assist in regaining proprioceptive capability.

Senior patients with degenerative conditions such as arthritis can have improved quality of life through physiotherapy as it helps to slow down degeneration and treats compensatory muscle spasms.

Some of the conditions that can be helped by physiotherapy are:

  • Back pain
  • Tendon and ligament injury
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle spasms and muscle strains
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Neurological disorders
  • Rehabilitation after surgery, e.g. after Cruciate Ligament Surgery

At Ellerslie Vet Clinic we are fortunate to offer Physiotherapy Services conveniently in the clinic through Total Physiotherapy ( Every Wednesday between 11.30am and 3pm we have a qualified physiotherapist on site, but we can also arrange appointments to suit our clients. We work closely together to provide the best treatment plan for your pet in Ellerslie, Remuera, One Tree Hill, Mt Wellington, Greenlane, Onehunga and Penrose.