“I pride myself in being one of those very fortunate people in life who looks forward to coming to work each day because I literally get to do something I really love. Whether it’s just giving a health exam or getting to play with a gorgeous kitten or puppy, performing a challenging surgery or helping return a sick pet to health. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to make a difference and working as a vet gives me a daily sense of fulfillment.”

From my early childhood days I knew that caring for animals was my natural calling and I decided I wanted to become a vet. Well, it must have been in my genes as my late grandfather was a well-known Pulmonary (lung) Specialist. I never regretted that decision! For me, the Ellerslie Veterinary Clinic is my dream come true.

Vets & Medicine already fascinated me when I was a little girl. I’ve had my own menagerie of pets; from goldfish, guinea pigs and hamsters, to rabbits, cats, dogs and ponies. I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the numerous ways pets enrich their owners’ lives. Pets seem to understand, show and remind us what is truly important. They don’t care about our profession, how we look or how old we are; they love deeply and unconditionally. Pets feel when we are happy and they comfort us when we are miserable. They are forgiving and will give us as many second chances as we need.

This authentic love and respect for animals is at the center of the Ellerslie Veterinary Clinic’s philosophy. Each member of our team is a pet parent and avid animal lover. We see pets as our family members and treat them accordingly. We acknowledge the important place your pets hold in your hearts, and we appreciate the trust you are placing in us when you come to us for their care. We are committed to caring for your pets with the same compassion and love that we give to our own.

It is our great pleasure to welcome you and your four-legged friends to our big family!