Physiotherapy for Cats & Dogs

Physiotherapy for Cats & Dogs

This is little Rags during his first physiotherapy session at Ellerslie Vet Clinic. We don’t know how old Rags exactly is, but he surely is a lovely senior kitty with quite a sore back!

Nowadays physio is highly valued for dogs.

Despite a popular misconception that cats will not cooperate with such treatment, physiotherapy is now increasingly being performed with cats.

Rags certainly showed signs of discomfort during some parts of the treatment, indicating where his target problem areas were. He never moved away from Becky, the physiotherapist, nor did he ever try to scratch or bite. He cooperated really well and we’re confident his owner will be able to keep up with the learnt massaging techniques at home to relieve his back pain.

It will be interesting to see how Rags is next week, when he’s coming in for his next session!

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