Cat Friendly

Cat Friendly Clinic

Cat Friendly Clinic Accreditation for Ellerslie Vet Clinic.

We opened our doors only a few months ago and have been working hard to design a “companion friendly clinic” where you can experience the difference from the first moment. We did our best to put our ideas of a modern Veterinary Clinic into practice – for example with a private tranquility room or separate dog and cat areas.

Unfortunately there is no accreditation for a dog friendly clinic until now, but Ellerslie Vet Clinic has been awarded the Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation (gold standard) from the ISFM – as the only Veterinary Clinic in the Auckland Central area, amongst only four other vet clinics in New Zealand.

The International Society for Feline Medicine (ISFM) is the veterinary division of International Cat Care (, a charity dedicated to improving the health and welfare of cats worldwide.

We understand that there are unique difficulties in bringing a cat to the vet, because cats often do not travel well and feel unsafe away from home. They are highly sensitive to new sights, sounds and smells. Most cats prefer privacy and are very susceptible to stress.

What does visiting an ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic mean for you and your cat? This accreditation gives you peace of mind and reassurance that the clinic has reached a higher standard of cat care.

As a Cat Friendly Clinic, we have “deluxe” size cat cages in a cat only ward for our feline patients who have to stay overnight and a cat only consultation room. We have tables/shelves for cat carrier cages and covers available in our cat waiting room and we use pheromone sprays and diffusers in the clinic to minimize stress.

We all understand that cats need to be approached in a gentle, calm and empathetic way to minimize their anxiety during their visit.