Epsom Vet Centre and Ellerslie Vet Clinic become one!

Quiet but we have been very busy! It has been an exciting few months at Ellerslie Vet Clinic. We know we have been rather quiet here but we have been very busy. And there is more to come.

Nearly 25 years ago Andrew Joseph and his wife Lesley established the Epsom Veterinary Centre. Recently they have sold the property, succumbing to the substantial increase in its value. Epsom Veterinary Centre will, from Saturday, the 1st of July 2016, be integrated with the Ellerslie Veterinary Clinic.

Dr Andrew Joseph recommends Dr Kathrin Brinker (who locumed regularly for Epsom Veterinary Centre 5 years ago) highly “…as an excellent and very able Veterinarian with a common sense approach to Veterinary practice.” Andrew & Lesley chose Kathrin & Sascha because they “… believe they are honest and fine people and Kathrin’s principal concern is for the care of her clients and patients health.”

We are very honoured, grateful and proud that we’ve been chosen to continue the fantastic work of Andrew and his team and promise we’ll not disappoint you.

Della Kidd, the head nurse of Epsom Veterinary Centre for 12 years is also transferring to Ellerslie Veterinary Clinic – a familiar face when you first visit our clinic. For the rest of 2016, Andrew & Lesley will take the opportunity to take time out, with a view to reappearing in 2017!

Not only Della is joining our team, but Zoe & Mel have already started to work as Veterinary Nurses at Ellerslie Vet Clinic & Cattery. So our Website needs an urgent update. Back to work…

We would like to invite you to come to meet us. Kathrin would love to give you a tour and show you what our clinic can offer your pet.

It is our great pleasure to welcome you and your four-legged friends to our big family!

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