As your loved dog ages, the medical and nutritional needs change. It is also important to keep in mind that larger dogs tend to age more quickly than smaller dogs. Therefore, many giant-breed dogs may show signs of entering their golden years by age five or six, while smaller dogs may not show signs of aging until they are nine or even older.

Not sure of your pet’s age in human years, then try this dog age calculator:

By maintaining good dog health practices and veterinary check-ups you can help to ensure that your dog lives as long a healthy and happy life as possible.

The consultation rooms are designed to catch good natural light and we sit down together for as much of the consultation as possible. We prefer to examine your dog on the exam table, but if it is more convenient or more comfortable for your dog we will perform the examination on the floor.

We offer flexibility with appointments to make it easy for you to bring your dog in if they are hard to pre-plan a visit for.

For overnight guests our Ellerslie Vet Clinic has spacious condos in their own private dog-only room. Your dog will relax and enjoy our hospitality while you are away.