Surgery & Emergency Care

With expertise gained from years of advanced training Ellerslie Vet Clinic tackles some of the toughest surgical and emergency conditions. We use innovative procedures in combination with traditional, proven methods, high-tech equipment and the latest medicines and therapies to diagnose and treat your pet’s condition.Among our areas of expertise are routine soft tissue surgeries including spays and neuters, mass/tumor removals, abdominal surgeries like bladder stones and orthopedic surgeries. We have meticulous protocols in place to ensure your pet’s safety and to minimize discomfort before, during and after surgery.

For your pet – Safety First!

We appreciate that your furry friend is a treasured member of your family. The surgical care Ellerslie Vet Clinic provides for your pet is not unlike the care a human would receive in a hospital. Having your pet’s safety in mind, we:

  • perform pre-anesthetic blood tests to be sure your pet’s organs and systems are healthy enough for surgery and recovery and that they are fit enough to metabolize any medication which is used in relation to the anesthesia and procedure
  • use intravenous catheters to keep your pet well hydrated, maintain a normal blood pressure, administer additional medications when needed, and flush anesthetic medicines out of your pet’s system when the procedure is complete
  • utilise advanced monitoring equipment throughout the procedure to continuously monitor your pet’s heart rate, respiration and blood oxygen level, blood pressure and body temperature

Appropriate Pain Management

Ellerslie Vet Clinic is alive to the importance of Pain Management as the assessment of pain and, if appropriate, treatments in order to assure the needs of pain medication for your pet. When it comes to pain control, Ellerslie Vets staff imagine themselves in their patients paws and take every possible measure to ensure your pet is comfortable at each point of his/her way.

We adjust the pain management plan to your pets’ specific needs, taking into account your pets’ species, age, breed, size, weight, disposition and the procedure he/she is having. We may choose to employ multiple medications at the same time; this is known to be a more effective way to manage pain and also decreases the risk of medication side effects.

We are sure your furry friend will benefit from pain medication as he/she recovers from surgery at home, too. Customized pain management plans will be provided to all patients to facilitate this.